Solutions Automotive is Coming To Frisco TX

We have some great news for you—we’re expanding to Frisco!

We’re still going to have the shop in downtown McKinney, but thanks to your trust in us and your referrals throughout the years we are now able to expand our service to the Frisco area. So if you live in Frisco, Little Elm or Prosper you’re going to have an auto repair shop that you can trust right there in your back yard!

Where: We’re going to be just off Frisco Square and the rail yard. The address will be:

9081 2nd St.
Frisco, TX 75034.

Why Our Customers Continue To Trust Us:
If you’re new to Solutions Automotive we encourage you to check out our Facebook page and see what we’re all about! Whenever you come to one of our shops, whether Frisco or McKinney, you’re going to get top-notch customer service. We treat every customer like members of our own families—and that’s not a very common thing in the auto repair industry! We want to make sure that you’re driving a safe vehicle, and that you’re taking care of your vehicle, but we don’t want you to be pressured into anything you don’t want to do. We want to take care of you not just one time, but for all your oil changes, your tire rotations, all the maintenance throughout the lives of your vehicles.

Do you have a young teenage driver who needs to learn about the vehicle they’re driving? We want to help you with that! We can help them to understand when and how they need to get their vehicle serviced. If you have a child who is in college we want to help them learn what they need to be doing with their car when they’re away at school, and when they’re back at home, and how to find a good shop in their college town.

Our Team:
Many of you know Joe Yannessa, our owner; you know Kevin, you know Steve. If you live in the Frisco area and have been coming all the way to McKinney for us to service your vehicles—we appreciate that! But we want you to know that we are going to make sure that you will get the same level of service at the Frisco shop that you’re used to getting at the McKinney shop. Our brand is serving our customers, so it doesn’t matter which of our shops you’re at! Whether you see Joe at the McKinney shop or someone you’ve never met at the Frisco shop, if they work for us rest assured they are there to take care of you!

If you know anyone who is a tech or a great office manager, please let them know that we’re looking to recruit the best of the best in the Frisco area to take care of our customers!

They can send a resume to

And again, we want to thank you so much for all the love and referrals over the years! We look forward to serving the Frisco area just as we’ve served the McKinney area!

If you live in Frisco, Little Elm, or Prosper, we encourage you to like our Facebook page for updates on our grand opening as well as helpful tips on caring for your vehicle!

Click here: Solutions Automotive Frisco

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