Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips

summer vehicle maintenance tips

Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips

People talk a lot about making sure their cars are ready for winter and extreme cold. But here in Texas, it’s the extreme heat we need to worry about. Extreme heat does affect your car, and staying on top of maintenance is crucial to keep things running smoothly. 

Here are three things for you to do to keep your vehicles going through the summer:

1. Check your antifreeze.

Yes, really! Again, people tend to think about antifreeze in winter, but it’s extremely important to keep your coolant system working in the summer time. Water can evaporate quickly in this heat, and then your car will overheat. So it’s definitely important to stay on top of the maintenance of your coolant system.

2. Maintain your tires.

Extreme heat causes rubber to be more flexible. In our Texas summer heat, you can lose air from your tires. Your tires also might be more likely to explode when you drive down the highway, as they have to deal with the hot air temperature plus the heat of the road and the heat of driving fast on the highway! Make sure you keep your tires properly inflated, and have them checked for any potential problem spots.

3. Get your oil changed.

Stay on top of that oil change! Don’t put it off! This high, grueling Texas heat will thin the oil out a lot and cause it to get dirtier faster than it normally would. 

This heat is no joke! We’ll be happy to do the maintenance on your vehicle, and look it over to make sure you don’t have any small problems that could become big problems. But if you don’t bring your vehicle to us, take it to someone reputable, that you trust. Don’t risk sitting on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck in this heat!

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