3 Vehicle Maintenance Tips For Fall

vehicle maintenance tips for Fall

Seasons are changing again! As we’re coming out of this summer and going into fall, it’s actually time to start thinking about winter for your car. It’s true there’s not a lot of winter in Texas, but there’s enough to affect your car! Plus, the summer heat has also taken a toll on your car.

Here are three things you should make sure you check so that your car is ready for the change from summer to Fall:

1. Tire pressure. It’s time to check your tires, make sure they’re in good shape and inflated properly. Changes in temperature can really affect tires, so get their pressures checked!

2. Antifreeze. Make sure that the antifreeze in your car is good enough to take any freezing temperatures. We don’t have a lot of freezing temperatures in Texas but we do have some, and that’s enough to affect your car. Fall is a great time to do this—you don’t want to put it off until winter when it’s already freezing!

3. Oil. All summer long you drove in the Texas heat, in extreme temperatures. It’s definitely time now to check your oil, and to think about getting some fresh oil back in your car! Make sure you’re not over the mileage from your last oil change. It’s important to get those regular oil changes!

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