Tips For Leaving Your Vehicle at Home While Traveling

leaving vehicle while traveling

The holidays are upon us! It doesn’t matter whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, either way, this is a peak time for travel. We’ve often shared travel tips for getting ready for traveling in your vehicle, but today we want to talk about what happens if you leave your vehicle at home when you travel by airplane, or if someone else is driving. What do you do when you leave your vehicle at home?


1. Keep your car in the garage.


If it’s feasible, we recommend that you keep your vehicle in the garage. This way your car is safe from the elements, and it’s safer from theft. It’s just better for your car.


2. Ask a neighbor to keep an eye out.


Now, many of you may be saying, “That’s a great idea, but our garage is basically a second storage unit and there’s no room!” We understand that too! If that’s you and if you normally park in the driveway, or if you have multiple vehicles and you have to park some in the driveway or on the street, let your neighbors know that you’re going out of town, and ask them to keep an eye on your vehicle. (And if you can park in your driveway instead of on the street.)


3. Check for rodents.


Yes, really! If you do leave your car outside when you return pop the hood and make sure no rodents have decided to make your car their home. We know this is a scary idea for some of you! But this time of year when it gets cold these critters love to get in there to keep warm. If they’re in there for a long time they can chew up wires and make a huge mess. We’ve seen multiple cars that have been chewed up inside due to rodents living under the hood.

If you have to leave your vehicle at home this year, we hope these tips help you keep it safe! Have a happy holiday season!


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