Maintenance For Fleet Vehicles in McKinney and Frisco

fleet management Frisco TX

Fleet Management in McKinney and Frisco


Many of you have been customers of ours, and we appreciate your business! We love to help consumers make sure they are on the road with a safe, well-running vehicle. But many of you may not know that we also handle fleet services for businesses. If you know of any business owner in the Frisco or McKinney area, please let them know that we’d love to take care of their fleet services!


Types of Businesses We Help


As you know, if you run a business, especially a service business such as landscaping, A/C or electrical services, you know that if you can’t get to your customer, you’re losing money. We take pride in the fact that we’re able to take care of large fleets of trucks and vehicles to keep these businesses running smoothly, so they can take care of their customers.


Current Customers


We know that not many of our customers may realize that we provide this service, so spread the word! A few of our current fleet customers include Goo Lawn Service, who provide excellent landscaping and lawn care in the Collin County area, and TD Industries, a mechanical construction company, and Matco Services, a heating and air conditioning company. We’d love to help more businesses care for their vehicles!

So if you know any business owners in the area, spread the word! If you are a business owner with a fleet of vehicles to maintain, we’d love to talk with you. Thank you for your trust in us here at Solutions Automotive!

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