Tips For a Safe Summer Road Trip

summer road trip tips

Summer Road Trip Tips


It’s summer! Kids are out of school, and people are taking summer trips. Flying is expensive, so many of our customers opt to make it a road trip. Road trips are fun, but they’re less fun if your vehicle breaks down on the trip! There are three specific things we recommend you take care of before your road trip, to make sure you don’t have any car problems to mess up your drive:


1. Check your oil.


Before you leave on your road trip get your oil changed, and make sure you’re not overdue for an oil change. When you get your oil change here we give you a 25-point inspection. This way not only are you making sure your oil is good to go, but we’re also checking over your whole vehicle to make sure it’s safe and in tiptop shape for a road trip.

Look up in the left-hand corner of your windshield to check your sticker and see if you’re due for an oil change. 

2. Check your tires.


And while you’re at it, get your alignment checked too. Your tires might be in great condition, but if you drive 500 miles or even more when your vehicle is out of alignment, that will cause damage to your vehicle and your tires. 

You should also get a general check of your tires. Make sure the pressure is good, that you don’t have any nails in there, or any problems with uneven wear. There’s nothing worse than being on a road trip and having a flat tire or a blowout! 

3. Check your AC.


Many people don’t think about this, but think about how bad it is to be without your car’s air conditioning in the summer! It’s pretty bad to be without air conditioning for a 30-minute commute here in Texas. But what if your AC goes out and you’re in the middle of a cross-country drive, 16 hours at a stretch, and you have screaming kids? That could be brutal. But that could be prevented with an AC check before you go. 

These are the three things we recommend you do with your vehicle before you hit the road this summer. Have an awesome summer, make some fun memories with the family, and be safe on the roads!

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