4 Christmastime Tips For Your Vehicle


4 Christmastime Tips For Your Vehicle


Christmas is going to be here in just a couple of weeks! We want to help you make sure you’re taking good care of your vehicles during this busy time, so here we have four quick tips:

1. Don’t give a lemon.


Some parents like to give a car or truck as a Christmas gift. If you’re going to surprise your teen or college student with a used car, we want to make sure your Christmas present isn’t going to be a lemon! That would be like putting coal in their stocking! One of the things we can do here at Solutions Automotive is schedule an appointment to check out a vehicle before you actually purchase it. 

This helps you in several different ways. It lets you know that you’re probably dealing with a safe seller if they’re willing to meet you at a shop, which is a place that’s public and probably has cameras around. It also lets us check out the vehicle from top to bottom to make sure it’s something that’s going to be safe for your kiddo. 

2. Take time for college car maintenance.


If your college students are coming home for Christmas, make sure you get their vehicle in here so we can check it out and give it an oil change, update the maintenance, etc. We want to make sure they’re going back to college in a safe vehicle.

3. Get checked out before you travel.


If you’re taking a trip, we want to check out your vehicle before you go! We’ll check out your tires, belts, all those kinds of things that can sneak up and cause you problems on the road. We want to make sure that when you’re traveling you don’t have any hiccups along the way to mess up your Christmas plans.


4. Take advantage of your time off.


Are you staying home for Christmas? This is still a good time to make sure you’re catching up on any overdue maintenance. Many people get some time off during the holidays, and that’s a great time to bring your vehicle in and catch up on things.

If this sounds eerily familiar, if it sounds strangely like other posts we’ve done in the past, that’s because some things never change. One of the things that never changes is that we always want to make sure you and your kiddos and your entire family are safe on the road! Our goal is to make sure you’re on the road in a safe vehicle. 

If you know anyone who can benefit from this post, please pass it on! Let’s make sure everyone on the road is driving a safe vehicle.

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