3 Maintenance Tips For Returning College Students

maintenance tips


Unbelievably, summer is nearly here! This means that for a lot of parents, your kids will be coming home from college with their vehicles—and who knows what’s been going on with them for the last few months! There’s a few things that we would like to check on your kid’s vehicle this summer, to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. 


1. Oil Changes.


Have they been keeping up with their oil changes? Many problems start by not keeping up with oil changes. Make sure that’s being done!


2. Tires.


What are they riding on? What do those tires look like? Have they been going off-road? Have they been paying attention to the wear and tear? Give them a quick eyeball, and if the tread is looking low, get them checked out and replaced if they need to be. 



3. Basic health/safety check.


It’s a great idea to check on the fluids and the air conditioner. Especially if they’re making any kind of a summer road trip, you’ll want to get those things checked out. 


Your Next Step


So check over your kiddo’s car to see if it needs an oil change and see how the tires are, and bring it in for a fluid and A/C check. We want to make sure your teen or 20-year-old is driving a safe vehicle. If you’ve been following our page for a while, your kids are probably keeping up with their maintenance! But if you’re new to our page, or if you just want to make sure their vehicle is as safe as possible, make sure they bring it into us. We’ll look it over and give you peace of mind that your child is driving a safe car. 

Take care!