What Parents Should Teach Their Teen About Their Vehicle

What Parents Should Teach Their Teen About Their Vehicle


We know a lot of you have been customers of ours for years, and now your kiddos are getting old enough to drive, which can be scary for some of you! So we want to give you some tips for making sure your teens are taking care of their vehicles just like you are.


1. Oil changes/maintenance.

Make sure that they understand that they need to be getting their oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles and that it’s important to keep up with their maintenance. Have them set reminders on their phone to make sure they are paying attention to those oil changes!


2. Running out of gas.

We see this way more than we should! Make sure they’re paying attention to their gas gauge and not running out of gas. Also, make sure they understand that it’s not a good idea to just put $5 or $10 in at a time. It’s much better for the vehicle to just fill it up! We have some other blog posts on our site that go deeper into why it’s a much better idea to fill up your tank than to just put a little gas in.

3. Texting/using maps while driving.

This is so important. Make sure they understand that they’re not to be texting and driving, or using their phone while driving. Get them a dashboard mount for using Google maps to get to places, instead of trying to look at the map with the phone on their lap.


4. Jump starting a car.

They should know how to jump-start a vehicle, whether it’s their own or a stranded friend’s. Make sure they know the correct way to do this and make sure they carry jumper cables with them.

5. Changing a tire/staying safe.

Make sure they understand how to change a tire, from pulling over into a safe place to finding the spare and getting it on the car. If you or your child is not comfortable with doing this, make sure they know how to call roadside assistance, whether that’s through your phone carrier or AAA, or whoever you have coverage through. They need to make sure that they know how to stay safe in an emergency situation.


We thank you for being loyal customers, and we hope to earn your trust with your teens’ vehicles as well. We hope this helps them to drive a safe vehicle, just like their parents!