Problems Drivers Face in the Fall

problems drivers face in the fall


As you’ve noticed, we’ve had a couple of days of cooler temperatures! You’ve also probably noticed these temperatures have gone back up, and then back down, and that’s just how Texas works!


This makes for some unique issues with your automobile in the fall!


1. Heater and A/C.


The first issue is having to use your heater in the morning and your air conditioner in the afternoon. Often this is the time you’ll find out that one of the two, or maybe both, aren’t working! If your heater is not working well in the morning, or your A/C is not working well in the afternoon, let us know! You may need to have something repaired or checked out.


2. Headlights.

Often people just don’t drive a lot at night in the summertime. But now the days are much shorter, and sometimes even by 5:00, it’s time to turn your headlights on. This might be the time that you start noticing how discolored or cloudy your headlights are. They might need to be replaced or cleaned. Make sure you’re paying attention to your headlights as it gets darker earlier!

3. Windshield wipers.

This is also the time of year that many people realize their windshield wipers are not working correctly. It hasn’t rained in awhile over the summer, but fall typically brings more rain. You might start off to drive in a thunderstorm only to realize that your wipers aren’t actually helping you to see through the rain!


This is the time to check your heater and A/C, your headlights, and your windshield wipers. The goal is to keep you and your family riding in a safe and comfortable vehicle!