Vehicle Maintenance Tips For College Students

Vehicle Maintenance Tips For College Students

Vehicle Maintenance Tips For College Students

It’s the end of the school year, and kids are coming home from college! Here are a few tips for how to make sure that they’re driving a vehicle that’s in tip-top shape this summer.

First, go through their vehicle and see what’s in it—just kidding!

1. Wash that car!

Make sure they wash their vehicle. A lot of college kids don’t take the time to wash their car when they’re at school. They’re too busy with all of their classes and activities. But it’s not a myth that washing your car is good for your car. It keeps your engine clean, plus it looks good. Also when you wash your car you might find clues to oil or coolant leaks that you didn’t know were there.

2. Get the oil changed.

Make sure they’re up to date on general maintenance, like oil changes and other routine maintenance. The younger we are the more likely we are to neglect our mileage when it comes to routine maintenance. Make sure they’re getting their oil changes and tuneups when they come home from school.

3. Check the tires.

You definitely don’t want your kiddo driving around on bad tires! Make sure that when they go back at the end of summer, they’re driving a safe vehicle and aren’t risking a tire blowout. Check the pressure, tread and the overall condition of the tires.

4. Talk about it.

Have a conversation about car maintenance. Explain the importance of taking care of your car. Remember, when we were young we probably didn’t think much about taking care of our vehicles either. We just wanted to make sure we could get from point A to point B and be with our friends. But as parents, we want to make sure that our kids are safe and that they’re in a safe vehicle.

Sit down and explain these things to them and have a conversation about it, so that it’s not just you telling them what to do. They need to understand why routine maintenance is important. They need to understand that routine maintenance saves money in the long run, and if they learn to maintain their cars it will save them money in the long run when they’re out of the house and independent. If you can teach them these things now, when they’re grown and have kids of their own their vehicles will last longer.

We hope this helps! We hope you’re having some great family time with your college kids!

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