The Best Way To Get an Accurate Auto Repair Quote

Auto repair quote

Often customers will give us a call and want us to give them a price estimate over the phone. But we want you to know that that’s typically not in your best interest as a customer, for us to give you a quote over the phone without us actually seeing your vehicle. 

We’re not trying to inconvenience you. We know you’re busy! We understand that you want to take care of it by getting the lowest price with a quick phone call. But it really is better for you to bring the car to our shop and let us diagnose the problem, and then give you a price for the repair. Here’s why:

1. A generic computer code doesn’t diagnose the problem:

Let’s say your check engine light comes on, and the computer tells you what’s wrong with your car. You can even get a device or a computer readout to see these codes for yourself. The problem is that the code it’s putting out to you could be caused by something completely different. We’ve seen times where the check engine light was caused by something else. Sometimes the computer readout just doesn’t line up with what is actually happening in the car. So we really need to get in there and look to see what’s actually going on, to make sure.

2. There may be other things that are causing your actual issue: You might call in with a problem and ask for a price to fix that problem, but there could be two or three things that are causing that problem. If we try to do a quote on that one problem, it’s going to be inaccurate for what you need to actually get it fixed and get you back on the road safely. We don’t want to give you an inaccurate quote, and we do want you to be safe on the road.

3. Just because it’s on the internet…. 

You might laugh at this one, but not everything on the internet, and not everything on YouTube is accurate! You might find a post in a forum that seems to have the solution to your problem. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right! We get a lot of “Google mechanics.” Now, you can find useful information online! Do look around for information, and do call us and tell us what you found out on the internet! The information can be very helpful. But it’s hard to know who you’re really dealing with online, and where the information is coming from. We know there are a lot of people out there online who know how to work on cars and really know their stuff. But we want to make sure that you’re getting 100% accurate information from trained technicians. One of the biggest issues we see is when customers try to fix problems on their own, based on a YouTube video and end up causing more damage because they don’t have the proper tools or training.  So gather your information, and then come on in and have an ASE-certified tech actually physically look at your car to save you time and money in the long run.

4. Phone quotes make for unhappy customers: Most importantly, customer satisfaction is what our business thrives on. If we try to quote you over the phone, a couple of things can happen: We could way under-quote you. Then when you come in and need a lot more work done, you’ll be upset. This can happen when customers call us for a second opinion after they’ve gone to a dealership or another auto repair shop.  If you just read us a list of items that someone else gave you, our quote could be off once you come in due to their misdiagnosis.  We don’t want that! Or, we could overestimate the repair based on what you’re telling us over the phone, and tell you that it’s something major and expensive when it’s not. That might scare you off, and you might not do anything at all! We don’t want that either!  We want to be as accurate as possible with our repair quote, and we just can’t do that when we do everything over the phone. We have to see the vehicle.

Our bottom line is, we want you to have 100% customer satisfaction!


We know you’re busy, so one thing we want to make sure you’re aware of is that we offer free pick-up and delivery! So if you are too busy with work, kids, and all the other things you do and don’t have time to sit here while we diagnose your car, we totally understand! Call us, and instead of trying to diagnose the problem over the phone we’ll come get it, bring it to the shop, check it out, and then call you and let you know exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle. This is a service we are happy to offer for your convenience!

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