4 Causes of Vehicle AC Failure

Causes of vehicle AC failure

We’re often asked, “Why is my car air conditioner not working?” There are some of the main things that can be going wrong if your car is not getting cool.

1. Freon.

The first thing to check is always the freon because you could be low. If you’re low on freon, that can cause your air conditioner to not blow cool air. Don’t use a quick fix in a can—get your air conditioner checked out! That way you’ll know you’re getting the proper levels. When you get it checked out we can also check for any leaks, which will give you more problems in the future.

2. The Register.

Many times people get in their car and hear a clicking sound, “click click click click click.” This is a very common noise, especially in Chevys, Dodges, and Fords. You might hear that sound behind your dash when you get in the car. This means that there may be a problem with your register, which means your temperature control blend door may not be moving all the way, or at all. When this happens you can get half cold air, half heat. You might also have a problem with the blend doors not opening at the registers, which will keep the air from moving through your system. You could also have a problem with the registers from top to bottom, meaning from your defrost vent to your floorboard.

3. Automatic or manual control system.

If your air conditioning system is automatic, that can be the source of a problem. However, manual systems run off of vacuum, and if you have a vacuum leak then your system will not operate correctly.

4. The fan.

Your fan could be broken and not blowing. When that happens your system is still blowing cold air, but you’re going to feel like it’s not working right.

How To Prevent Your Vehicle AC From Failing:

The best thing, always, is to find someone you trust. Let them look over your air conditioning system. Let them evac it, measure out the system the right way, and get the proper amount of freon in there. We recommend that you do not try to do this yourself. We’ve had people ruin their air conditioning system that way, which cost them more money in the long run!

We’d be happy to take a look at your car’s air conditioning system!

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