State Inspections McKinney and Frisco

Here at Solutions Automotive, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to serve you by providing state inspections at our Frisco location as well as our McKinney location!

We can handle all vehicle types including motorcycles and trailers!

One Sticker Process

So remember, if you’re looking at your registration sticker and see that it’s time to get it renewed, you have to get your state inspection done first before you can renew your registration and get the new sticker. Once you get your inspection done that goes into the database online, and then the system will allow you to go ahead and register your car.


We can handle this in-house for you, right in our shop at either our Frisco or McKinney location. So after you read this, go outside and check the inspection sticker on your vehicle. Is it time for you to renew? If so, come see us!

How To Ensure Your Vehicle Passes The Inspection

Here are some tips to make sure your vehicle passes inspection, once you bring it in: Keep up with your routine maintenance and keep up with your oil changes. If you do those two things throughout the year your inspection should go smoothly.

We can’t wait to serve you in this capacity. We’ve always been there for you for your auto repair needs and your vehicle enhancements. Now we can handle your state inspections too!

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Click here if you live in the McKinney area: McKinney

Click here if you live in the Frisco area: Frisco

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