Vehicle Checks Before a Christmas Road Trip

vehicle check before a road trip

Vehicle Checks Before a Christmas Road Trip

If you did not already know, we offer a free 25-point inspection for our customers who are going to be taking a road trip. We do this because we want to make sure that you’re driving a safe vehicle. So as we approach Christmas many of you are going to be driving off to see loved ones and we want to make sure you’re going to arrive safely. So be sure to bring your vehicle to our McKinney or our Frisco shop, whichever is closest to you. We’ll give it a thorough checking-over to make sure you’re not driving off with any problems.

If Your Kids Are Home From College For Christmas Break

Also, many of our customers have kids who are college age. Those college kids are doing the opposite—they’re driving home to be with you all! While they’re home for a couple of weeks take advantage of our 25-point inspection for them, so that you have the peace of mind knowing that as they drive back to school, they’re in a safe vehicle. We definitely don’t want them getting back there with car trouble, and then having to find a reputable shop near campus.

Why a Vehicle Check is Important Before Your Trip

If you’ve followed our page for a while you understand that we’re all about preventative maintenance! We want to keep your vehicles safe and sound. So before you hit the road for the holidays, or while your college kid is in town, come see us for that 25-point vehicle inspection! Just give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled. Have a safe trip!



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