3 Vehicle Maintenance Tips For Thanksgiving Week

3 Vehicle Maintenance Tips For Thanksgiving Week

Can you believe it? We’re in November, and Thanksgiving is almost here! We want to give you three tips for how to make sure your vehicle is all ready for the holidays!


1. Bring your college kids’ cars in.


This is specifically for you parents of college students. If you have college students coming home for Thanksgiving make sure you bring their vehicle in to one of our locations, whether it’s Frisco or McKinney, and let us check it out. A lot of times our college kids aren’t necessarily paying attention to their vehicle maintenance, their tires, oil changes and things like that. We can catch up on that maintenance so you can know that you’re sending them back to school in a safe vehicle. This is a great time to catch up on that maintenance! 


2. Get a pre-road trip checkup.


If you are taking a road trip for Thanksgiving, make sure you bring your car in to us first for a vehicle check, just to make sure that there’s nothing wrong. The last thing you want to do is to get on the road away from home and have vehicle issues! We can go over your vehicle and make sure it’s in tip top shape for your trip!

3. Take advantage of holiday time off!



Most people don’t think about this but if you’re staying home for the holiday, you may have time off during that week. This is a great time to bring your car into us to catch up on some vehicle maintenance! Also, many people don’t know this but we are more than happy to come to pick up your vehicle and bring it back to the shop for you. That way if you’re busy with family this is just one less hassle you have to worry about during the holiday! We are going to be open all week Thanksgiving week except for Thanksgiving Day itself. So take advantage of this time and have us bring your vehicle in for some maintenance! 

To recap: This is a great time to get your college kids’ cars in here if they’re coming home for Thanksgiving. If you’re leaving home for Thanksgiving bring your car in here first so we can check it out, and if you’re staying home this is a great time to catch up on any maintenance you may be behind on. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Have a safe holiday!