3 Things Drivers Overlook With Their Vehicles

things drivers overlook

3 Things Drivers Overlook With Their Vehicles


We get busy, don’t we? Whether it’s taking kids to school, or to their sports events, or work, or just life itself, we get busy! And sometimes when we’re busy our vehicles are the last thing we think about, even though we’re using them every day. So we thought we’d share with you three things that are typically overlooked when it comes to taking care of your vehicle, to remind you to take care of these things so you can be sure you and your family are riding in a safe vehicle.


1. Oil changes.


Maybe you’re busy and put off an oil change until tomorrow. Or next week. Suddenly, weeks have become months. If this sounds familiar, go ahead and bring your car to us for that oil change! While it’s here we can give your vehicle our 25-point inspection to check over and make sure there isn’t anything wrong with it. But just as importantly we want to get the old oil out of your vehicle and good, new oil in to keep your engine running smoothly. If you’re over on your sticker, go ahead and bring your car in and let’s get you fixed up!


2. General Maintenance.


Go into your glove box, get out your owner’s manual and go through what you need to catch up on. We know that sometimes maintenance is expensive and life happens and you don’t bring your car in because you just can’t afford it right now. But we highly recommend and really encourage you to see what you can do to save up for the maintenance and do what you can. We don’t want it to cost you more money down the road when your car breaks down. We also want to make sure you’re driving a safe vehicle! Do not put off your maintenance! Every vehicle is a little bit different when it comes to the times to get maintenance items done, but the schedule for your car will be in your owner’s manual. 


3. Tires.


People often overlook tires until there’s a problem. Go ahead right now and take a look at your tires. How’s the tread? Look them over to see if they’re in good shape, and that they look like they’re wearing evening. Get them rotated if you need to. If you live in a new neighborhood or around construction, check for nails. And don’t neglect a low tire pressure light! Always get those checked out. You could get a low tire pressure light because the weather has changed and it’s a lot colder outside, or you could have a real issue with your tires. 

When your schedules get busy it’s easy to overlook oil changes, maintenance, and taking care of your tires. This is your reminder to get caught up on all these items. Remember that here at Solutions Automotive we want to make sure you and your family are driving a safe vehicle!