Auto Hail Repair in McKinney and Frisco

Auto Hail Repair in McKinney and Frisco


If you’ve lived in North Texas (McKinney, Allen, Frisco) for any amount of time, you know that hail happens!


Springtime in Texas is storm season, and that means it’s hail season. We had some storms come through recently that produced some significant hail in the McKinney/Allen/Frisco area. If you were unfortunate enough to have your vehicle outside of your garage and you got pounded by hail, you probably have some significant damage to your vehicle.


Our Partnership With Auto Hail Doctor


Luckily for you, we have partnered with a company called Auto Hail Doctor. They are great at paintless dent repair! They will help you with your deductible and they do a really great job! That’s why we back them. We know they do good work. 


Where They Are Located


Plus, they are conveniently located right in our shop! You don’t have to go to a separate location. If you’re used to getting your oil changed and your maintenance done here, whether you do it at the McKinney shop or the Frisco shop, you can come here and get your hail damage taken care of too.

If You Think Your Vehicle Has Hail Damage


So just come on in! They’ll get you a free estimate and go over the details and how everything works with your insurance. In most cases, they can set you up with a car, so while everything is getting taken care of on your vehicle you can still get to the places you need to get to.

Even if you’ve never used us before, Auto Hail Doctor is still the place to go for hail damage! These guys do a great job and they have a great deal of integrity too—otherwise, we wouldn’t work with them.

We hope you’re lucky enough to be able to shift some things around in your garage to park your car in there, but if not, we know how that goes! So if you got hit by hail, check out Auto Hail Doctor!